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Reward Points

StrictlyPosh Reward Points Revised May 11, 2017

When you shop, you will earn approximately 1 Reward Point for every $10 that you spend.  You will be able to accumulate those points towards products on  When you click on any product, you will see how many Reward Points you receive when you buy it, and you will see how many Reward Points it will take to receive that item for FREE.

When you make your very first purchase you will need to register your information for your delivery and billing, and StrictlyPosh will automatically accumulate those points for you every time you log in and purchase anything.

There is never a limitation on the amount of Reward Points that you can accumulate every time you shop on the site and there is never a limitation on the amount of items you can redeem for FREE with your Reward Points.

The $50 minimum order spent for shipping costs does apply with all orders including those using Reward Points.

Happy shopping and we hope you enjoy accumulating enough points to get that favorite outfit completely FREE OF CHARGE.

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